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Portrait of a Poet

A Portrait, classically defined, has design and color and in Covensky's poetry color is variegated and design constantly recombines multiple configurations around a central core.

Description by Professor Michael Giordano

Published by Henschel Haus.

English version available as an e-book only.


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The publication was translated into Spanish and published in Argentina the summer of 2019.

Selected Poems Hebrew & English

Edith Covensky reads selected poems in Hebrew and English.

Available to purchase in Argentina and through the publisher.



Life as Fiction

This book raises and explores the perplexing question of existence itself, taking the reader on an intimate journey through the dualities of memory and fantasy, fear and joy, and the erotic mated with the sanctified. 

Description by Jeffrey Covensky

Currently not available for purchase in the U.S. 

Under a Silky Sky The Symbolist Poetry of Edith Covensky by Yair Mazor

This book of literary scholarship is dedicated to the Symbolist poetry of Edith Covensky, one of the most creative, original, and prolific poets in the arena of modern Hebrew poetry.

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Where To Go?

This bi-lingual (Hebrew-English) dialogue book, 'Where to Go'? functions as a supplement to teaching the Hebrew language abroad in universities, Hebrew High Schools and other learning institutes.

Available for purchase in the U.S. and Israel.

Poetry by Edith Covensky


I was born in an instant

A very small piece of time

Flowing between the words

In a poem not yet written

And in a place which night had not reached.


And this is like a tale that entrances me

(in my term)



Sprinkling on me a little dust from the stars.


There is something childish in me

That leads me lightheaded through the days

Free to squander


And all that preserves me perhaps

Is the inability to die

In the fire dissolved in me

When I seal the poems.

I Embody the Poem

My splintered love yearns for the night

Inspires sorrow

On small paper benches


My death no longer matters.


I embody the poem

Feel it not only in my head

But in my mouth too:

Words have such power.

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