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Portrait of a Poet

A Portrait, classically defined, has design and color and in Covensky's poetry color is variegated and design constantly recombines multiple configurations around a central core.

Description by Professor Michael Giordano

Published by Henschel Haus.

English version available as an e-book only.


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Genesis by Edith Covensky


The publication was translated into Spanish and published in Argentina the summer of 2019.

Selected Poems by Edith Covensky

Selected Poems Hebrew & English

Edith Covensky reads selected poems in Hebrew and English.

Available to purchase in Argentina and through the publisher.



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Life as Fiction

This book raises and explores the perplexing question of existence itself, taking the reader on an intimate journey through the dualities of memory and fantasy, fear and joy, and the erotic mated with the sanctified. 

Description by Jeffrey Covensky

Currently not available for purchase in the U.S. 

Under a Silk Sky; The Symbolist Poetry o

Under a Silky Sky The Symbolist Poetry of Edith Covensky by Yair Mazor

This book of literary scholarship is dedicated to the Symbolist poetry of Edith Covensky, one of the most creative, original, and prolific poets in the arena of modern Hebrew poetry.

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Where To Go?

This bi-lingual (Hebrew-English) dialogue book, 'Where to Go'? functions as a supplement to teaching the Hebrew language abroad in universities, Hebrew High Schools and other learning institutes.

Available for purchase in the U.S. and Israel.

Poetry by Edith Covensky

Small Blessings

I must be grateful it seems

For small blessings

And sometimes great ones.


At the last moment: unnecessary

Accidents and happenings

And children play in toy stores

With tools they still hold.


Still life:

An ancient fireplace covered with ash


Cooking utensils

And other pottery.


There are no fiddlers here

You cannot convince me there are

And I sit and wait on the fifth floor

In the air between the stars

Like a worker in a yellow raincoat.

After Long Thought

After long Thought

There is no point I do not reach

Beautiful in my poetic duty.


I love the shadowy zones in my room

Opening drawers full of sonnets

I can just be a painter.


And I own libraries of sonnets

Some after Petrarch

Scarring me

In the night.


Then the poem begins

As a literary practice

On a bench crumbling in gloom

Its essay is clean

My hands are holding a flower


My rhymes drop on my neck

Instead of the rain.


My mother told me

She wanted to die in the summer

Yet Yeats died in January



She did not remember him

Nor he her

Among the dead.


My real heroine

Is like mother

Always laughing


And sometimes believing in sun:

Great and total.


Love is a relative thing

(Mother told me)

Like an addiction

Sweet and almost narcotic

Between two bodies repetitive.


With every attempt at Love

It becomes clear to me

That in the window of planes

The sun is not always apparent.

Latest Publication - A Simple Woman


Did you miss Edith Covensky on FM 106 in Israel!? 

Listen to Edith's lasest interview on FM 106 in Israel reading some of her poetry and talking about her new book, A Simple Woman. 

"Edith read from her poems and we heard from her about her new book "A Simple Woman" (Orion Publishing), which is a fascinating journey into the depths of Edith's soul. Despite the name of the book, the simplicity of the speaker is complex."